Southeast Asia has the greatest overseas Chinese population outside China and is the top travel destinations for Chinese outbound tourists. Chinese communities in these countries are the key consumer groups driving the growth of lots of business categories like skincare, cosmetic/beauty, fashion and luxury goods etc.
The Largest Chinese Community
There are over 9.3 million ethnic Chinese in Thailand, 6.6 million in Malaysia, 7.2 million in Indonesia, 2.6 million in Singapore…. These Asian countries form the biggest Chinese community outside China. A large portion of these millions of Chinese are wealthy, middle-class consumers who are also the driving force of the local consumer markets. They speak Chinese at home, use Chinese digital tools to connect with their family and friends in China.
By the Numbers
26 million
Chinese community
In the five founding members of ASEAN, there are a total of over 26 million ethnic Chinese citizens, that's the biggest Chinese community outside mainland China
$140 billion
Trade volume
ASEAN-China trade increased by 6% year-on-year to USD 140 billion in 2020. This makes ASEAN become China’s largest trading partner, surpassing EU and U.S.
10.99 million
Chinese visitors to Thailand
ASEAN countries are the major destinations for the ever-growing Chinese outbound tourists. Thailand receives over 10 million Chinese tourists annually, which is the no.1 Chinese outbound tourist destination.
20 million
WeChat Users in Malaysia
Malaysia is one of the key markets for WeChat, in a country with over 30 million population, WeChat is believed to have 20 million users with its WeChat Pay introducing to lots of local business.
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