Australia & New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand are the two major destination countries for Chinese migrants and international students. The two countries together form a big local Chinese consumer market with a 1,445,289 Chinese population and have become a booming CBEC market to China.
Who are Chinese extended locals in ANZ & where to find them?
The local Chinese consumer market in Australia and New Zealand are formed by four key segments: AU/NZ citizens who are ethnic Chinese; current Chinese residents in AU and NZ; international students from China; tourists from China. For the first three segments, they are mostly living in key Chinese suburbs in key cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland. They are highly active on various mainstream Chinese digital social/E-Commerce platforms like WeChat, Weibo, Little Red Book, Taobao etc. Though they’re using the same digital media platforms as consumers in China, they have developed a unique ANZ social media eco-system in terms of KOL, content focus and media channels on these platforms.
Australia & New Zealand
By the Numbers
2.42 million
Extended Locals
It’s estimated that there’re over 2.42 million Chinese speaking extended locals living in Australia & New Zealand. Among which, 1.44 million are Chinese ethnic citizens, 788,066 are residents, 192,383 are international
1.83 million
Chinese tourists are the fastest growing group in both Australia and New Zealand. In 2019 total Chinese visitors in Australia and New Zealand reached 1.83 million, in which there’re 1.4 million visitors to Australian and 407,141 to New Zealand.
In China CBEC Market
China is by far Australia’s biggest export market, taking about 30% of Australia’s exports by value. Australia and New Zealand combined is the 3rd biggest source market (after US and Japan) to China’s CBEC retail market which reaches 1.3 trillion AUD in 2019.
>3 million
WeChat Users
There’re over 3 million registered users of the Chinese social app WeChat in ANZ. Among which, 63% are Chinese speakers. WeChat Pay is also widely used in ANZ. There’re over 10,000 restaurants making use of WeChat Pay.
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