The Greater China Market

China as the fastest growing economy in the world and the most populated country is a market that everyone wants to be a part of. China’s Cross Border E-Commerce market is estimated to exceed 150 billion USD in 2020. The growing middle class in China is the driving force to boost demand for healthier, better quality, more unique and luxurious experience.
What Chinese online consumers want?
Chinese online consumers are dominantly female (73.5%), young (84% are aged between 19 and 40) with a middle to high income level, mostly (77.4%) live in tier 1 or tier 2 cities in China’s wealthy eastern region (45.2%). They are looking for healthier, safer, purer, higher quality products all over the world. The top categories Chinese online shoppers are buying from overseas brands are cosmetic and personal care products, baby products, food and beverage, fashion and luxury goods, health-related products.
The Greater China
By the Numbers
292 million
Chinese consumers buying foreign products online
The huge CBEC market in China is driven by 292 million Chinese consumers who trusted and purchased foreign products online.
155 million
Outbound tourists
Chinese outbound tourists are driving retail sales growth in local markets all over the world. There’re 155 million outbound trips in 2019, with a 3.3% growth compared to 2018.
eCommerce share
eCommerce share has been steadily growing for 6 years in China. In 2019, about 20.7% of the total retail sales in China were made online, up from 18.4% in 2018. Meanwhile, China remained to be the largest online retail market.
> 1,100 million
WeChat Users
As the no.1 social app in China, WeChat has reached 1,100 million users globally. WeChat has become a comprehensive online ecosystem from social to E-Commerce with 800 billion RMB retail sales value in 2019.
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