Chinese Influencer Marketing

To help guide the way, THINK CHINA has established an experienced team of Chinese digital experts to focus your digital strategy on channels that will make the biggest difference to your business especially those in Australia, Hong Kong & Asia Pacific region. We can help you understand the Chinese digital landscape, create a great marketing strategy tailored to the Chinese market, and develop a prioritised approach to reach your targeted Chinese market. At THINK CHINA, we developed our own KOL management portal and an experienced team to plan, execute and measure KOL marketing campaigns. We can help brands identify the right KOL mix and work closely with KOLs to create the right content according to your specific business objective.
Choosing the right KOL mix
Choosing the right KOL mix is the crucial first step in Chinese influencer marketing. THINK CHINA develops our KOL strategy based on the brand’s value, tonality, and the features of target audiences. We select the appropriate KOL that fit the brand image and have real influence over the target audiences. We also work closely with KOLs to create the right content for the brand to maximise the communication effect.
Tracking is the Key
THINK CHINA’s media team will keep tracking KOL’s performance and optimise along the way. We also evaluate the performance of the selected KOLs through their different channels and identify the most efficient way for them to perform. For example, for some KOLs, they perform better at WeChat account to build awareness, and for other KOLs, they’re good at selling in live streaming sessions. We plan their activities and help bring their best performance according to our analysis.