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Australian Dairies x Ai Fukuhara: Celebrity Endorsement

Jun 03, 2021
Celebrity Endorsement
The Australia Dairies campaign was designed to maximise brand exposure among Chinese audiences in both China and Australia. To achieve this, Australian Dairies appointed table tennis star and Olympic medallist Ai Fukuhara as an Australian Dairies brand ambassador. A full creative suite was developed for the campaign, including videos for Australian Dairies hero products and static key visuals. An exclusive VIP event was used to create assets for native editorial media placement. The offline event was successfully publicised by numerous Chinese language media titles with the campaign achieving more than 15 million impressions.
with Ai Fukuhara
A full creative suite was developed for its hero SKUs products and static KVs key visuals that can beware executed through the line. Online media-buy publicised the partnership, sharing imagery of the offline VIP event.
Over 15 million Impressions
Weibo, WeChat Moments advertising, and Programmatic advertising were used for reach and scale. Australia-based Chinese language media and influencer accounts were also engaged to target key audience segments.
Increased brand awareness among Chinese audiences
Australian Dairies leveraged the celebrity’s power to build brand awareness among Chinese audiences. The campaign celebrated the launch of two new Australian Dairies products and announced the brand’s first ambassador, table tennis star and Olympic medallist Ai Fukuhara. Online impressions exceeded 1.5 million, and point of sale collateral featuring Ai Fukuhara was produced and displayed in over 50 gourmet supermarkets in China to increase the brand’s presence in the Chinese local market.
The Opportunity
As the world’s largest dairy exporter and largest milk producer in Australia, Fonterra sought an opportunity to communicate its superior product quality and brand credentials to Chinese consumers. Fonterra aimed to drive trial and discovery of two newly launched Australian Dairies milk powders within the extensive Chinese Daigou network in Australia.
Our Approach
THINK CHINA proposed table tennis player and Olympic medallist Ai Fukuhara (福原爱) as Australian Dairies’ first brand ambassador, as her athletic talent has made her a popular athlete among Chinese audiences. Ai is also a self-professed foodie and enjoys cooking for her family, which made her an ideal fit for the brand’s overarching storytelling: Australian Dairies delivers superior nutrition to your family, naturally. A full suite of creative assets was developed, including static images and short videos featuring Ai and Australian Dairies’ newly launched adult milk powder and fresh milk products. Ai also attended the Super Brand Day event held at Taronga Zoo, where VIP guests encountered some of Australia’s cutest native fauna and enjoyed panoramic views of Sydney’s famous skyline. Guests, including distributors, daigou and Taobao store owners, grassroots resellers and Australia-based Chinese language media, experienced deep brand immersion and product discovery through the brand’s presentation and trial session. Attendees had the opportunity to cook with Ai and prepare dishes using Australian Dairies milk powder.
The integrated campaign provided a 360-degree showcase of Think China's complete service offering consisting of strategy, media planning, digital asset creation, PR outreach, event management and social media.
The event leveraged Taobao store owners to endorse, recommend and promote sales through livestreaming, which increased the brand and product presence on Taobao. As a result, existing distribution channels were broadened; over 10 Taobao stores listed the featured Australian Dairies products after attending the event. 50 KOLs from both China and Australia, across lifestyle, food, and parenting, generated high-quality product reviews on Little Red Book (RED), China’s most trusted product review platform, and resulted in 310,000 review impressions. Within WeChat, frequent and targeted media placements drove users to follow Australian Dairies’ WeChat account to allow retargeting in the future. A comprehensive Chinese programmatic strategy drove traffic to Australian Dairies’ Tmall store.

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