Case Study

Daigou Community Management for Blackmores Australia

Jun 04, 2021
Deepening the connection with consumers and engaging with the daigou community in Australia through online and offline channels
Think China set up Blackmores Official WeChat Account to promote direct communications with local Chinese-speaking consumers and the Australia-based daigou community. The Blackmores Super Brand Day plus 87th Year Birthday Ceremony Event was organised to encourage the daigou’s continuous support and create promotion opportunities.
Daigous Community has full access to the brand creative assets pool to support Chinese consumer sales more efficiently.
Selected daigous were invited to visit Blackmores Head Office and production workshop for a unique close-up brand experience.
Chinese daigou community
Integrated communication
Think China’s WeChat strategy facilitates direct conversations between the daigou community and Blackmores, and it also helps daigous to better serve their customers more professionally and efficiently. Large-scale events deepen the connection with daigous, and earn their support to promote products and conduct live streaming as part of their promotional activities to Chinese consumers.
The Client
As a leading natural health company in Australia, Blackmores is passionate about natural health and inspiring people to take control of and invest in their wellbeing. It has become one of the most well-known supplement brands among Chinese consumers.
Our Approach
Think China set up the Official WeChat Account “BLACKMORES澳大利亚,” created a hub for Chinese daigou in Australia to share promotional information and latest events. Four WeChat articles are posted monthly, together with other value-added services like the store locator. Users can find the nearest available daigou stores to purchase Blackmores products. The account is connected to Think China WMP (WeChat Management Platform) System. It helps improve tracking, measurement, and streamlines in the account management process for optimising a data-based marketing strategy. Meanwhile we launched Blackmores WeChat Personal Account “小澳代购助理” as a dedicated channel to communicate with daigou community by sharing educational product information. Think China keeps running clock-in activity to encourage daigous to repost assets and promote word-of-mouth marketing. Furthermore, Think China manages Weishang Camera “微商水印相机” on a daily basis, which the majority of users are Gift Store & Taobao store owners.
Think China redirect the demand gathered by daigous from Chinese consumers and continuously works with Blackmores to complement the “push” strategy to help distributors and key partners sell through the stocks.
To re-engage daigous with the brand and equip them with tools to influence China consumers, Think China proposed a Blackmores Super Brand Day event hosted in the Blackmores Head Office. Over 100 VIP guests, include export distributors, Taobao store owners, gift store owners, and non-corporate daigous attended the Blackmores Campus Visit VIP Event. Attendees went through the “Milestone” tunnel to experience Blackmores' 87 years of heritage & Blackmores story. Experts from Blackmores Institute shared the product benefits information covering Fish Oil, Bones & Joint Health, Beauty & Skincare, Pregnancy & Newborn ranges. More than 20,000 audiences watched the event live streaming, and the follow-up media investment achieved over 300k impressions and 26k WeChat article reads. A post-event survey was conducted, and most participants shared positive feedback on the event and were willing to promote Blackmores on their channels.

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