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WeChat Mini Game for Product Re-push and Drive Follower Engagement

Jun 04, 2021
WeChat Mini Game for Product Re-push and Drive Follower Engagement
Think China developed an H5 quiz game for Kiehl’s Hong Kong on WeChat that educated and engaged with HK/Macau locals and tourists from mainland China. This also attracted new WeChat followers and promoted renovated products, all integrated into a cutting-edge marketing strategy.
New Subscribers
WeChat followers are exposed to the game entrance at their first glance in Kiehl’s Hong Kong WeChat account for the conversion. Moreover, it consolidated the retention of existing followers.
WeChat Game participants would also like to share on WeChat and invite family and friends to accept the challenge, encouraged by gift incentives and an easy-share button.
Educate and Engage
Share Product Info and Fun via H5 Game
The H5 quiz game on WeChat was not just a fun game. To achieve better results and win the prize, users will spontaneously try to remember the information and select correct answers as quick as possible. This approach allows the brand to communicate the information of hero product renewal in a more welcoming way and insert the message into users’ minds instead of listing it as a brochure.
Background Information
Kiehl’s Hong Kong launched the renewed version of their hero product - Ultra Facial Cream, which also came with the Chinese New Year Limited Edition package in Jan 2019. Meanwhile, it was important to reach 100K WeChat followers and maintain the WeChat community activeness during the festive season.
The Opportunity
With the big launch of renewed Ultra Facial Cream coinciding with the biggest festival in Chinese society, Kiehl’s Hong Kong has gained 90K+ followers on WeChat. It is ready for the next-level challenge. Moreover, the background history of supporting the heroic journey of Everest ’88 Expedition as climbers scale Mount Everest opens up an opportunity for storytelling and engagement.
Our Approach
Multiple channels supported the CNY H5 game, including but not limited to KOLs, geo-targeting media, and live streaming that covered the Greater Bay Area Market. Most channels redirected audiences to subscribe to the WeChat official account for initial acquisition. Once subscribed, game entrance on different Kiehl’s Hong Kong WeChat account positions will grab users to participate for conversion. Think China came up with ideas, developed campaign strategy, provided social media and H5 game content. We also provided the tech support for the H5 game, which enabled clients straightforward communications and working processes during the whole campaign journey.
The H5 game on WeChat educated customers excitingly and engagingly. Also, it amplified the brand voice on WeChat.
The H5 quiz game is created to integrate education and engagement purposes. Prizes of UFC products were given away to encourage participation and sharing. The incentives also corresponded with the brand motto: “Try Before You Buy.” The strategy of multi-channel media distribution created a buzz on social media. Customers are attracted by the H5 game with prize and CNY limited edition product promotion. Think China provides WeChat community management services too. We handle backend enquiries and comments under posts to continuously support our clients.

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