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Shu Uemura APAC Travel Retail Showcase

Jun 04, 2021
Shu Uemura WeChat Creative Showcase
Think China developed content for Shu Uemura APAC Travel Retail on multiple Hainan Duty-Free WeChat official accounts, targeting Chinese tourists.
Tourists Friendly
Think China developed the contents in a familiar language to Chinese tourists, using product nicknames/social slangs/trendy terms, in sync with Tmall and local market communication.
Brand DNA
Think China is committed to delivering all aspects of the content with high standard following the brand guideline. The shared brand assets help create various treatments/formats, making the post more exciting and engaging.
Communicating with Chinese Tourists
Build The Window Contents
The strong CTA title and appealing cover attract more readers to click and view the articles, followed by the high-quality article landing, which encourages instant clicks through to the e-shop.
Background Information
Unlike the brand-own WeChat official account, the contents of Hainan duty-free WeChat accounts are an integration of diverse brands. At the same time, followers have different interests in brands or product categories. Moreover, brands may not always get the best position for an article. It is challenging for Shu Uemura to stand under the spotlight.
The Opportunity
With expertise on WeChat content production and a profound understanding of brand, Think China recognises that Shu Uemura is not just a beauty brand. The unique Japanese style and strong visual impact are deeply rooted in its brand DNA. A fusion that caters to the Chinese tourist-friendly and also loyal to the brand's style.
Our Approach
It is important to use familiar language to Chinese consumers to create resonance. Using product nicknames and social slang are both effective in recalling impressions and increase their interests. Balancing between the brand's tone of voice and content localisation is vital. Think China has solid experience in content development to ensure the brand's tone of voice is aligned with tailor-made wordings extracted from the local environment. Integration with the local festivals or seasonal topics enables content to be close to users and related to the topics of interest, such as Holiday Makeup for Oct Golden Week.
Design Originated From Brand Assets
Design Originated From Brand Assets
Think China developed content based on shared brand assets and customised for WeChat and phone viewing. When a brief comes as a combination of multiple products without a series of brand assets, Think China refers to brand visuals and aligns the design or look-and-feel with the brand team to ensure the delivery meets expectations and is on-brand. Instead of putting copy and visuals together as a simple layout, we apply various treatments/formats. It includes but is not limited to video, gif, music, carousels, slideshows, click, transparent slides, WeChat Mini Program insertion, WeChat previous articles links, MCQs etc. Consequently, articles become more engaging and surprising.

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