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iBeacon Setup and WeChat Integration

Jun 04, 2021
iBeacon and WeChat Integration for WeChat Subscriber Growth
iBeacons allow brands to convert offline traffic to online followers using an opt-in push. The iBeacon was configured with the brand’s WeChat account, enabling offline audiences to receive notifications and become subscribers.
7 days a week
A captive offline audience was used as an opportunity to grow the brand’s WeChat followers.
Centralised Customer Service
The small iBeacon is a convenient solution that is low-maintenance, mobile, and easy to transport.
Using iBeacons to Increase WeChat Subscribers
iBeacon integration with the official WeChat account enables the client to grow its social following by taking advantage of captive audiences. The iBeacon solution provides an easy and novel way for large audiences to simultaneously subscribe to a WeChat account.
The Client
DE International, the international unit of the NSW Government’s Department of Education, manages international programs for all overseas students and temporary residents, including their enrolling in an NSW government school, study tours programs for groups to visit schools and department facilities.
The Opportunity
DE International frequently holds offline events around the world, including talks and seminars. Think China found an opportunity to capture more audiences and transform offline audiences into online followers.
Our Approach
Think China recommended iBeacons to integrate with a WeChat account to harness offline traffic and transform it into social followers, enabling audiences to be retargeted in the future. Captive audiences could be asked to shake their phone using the Shake Function on WeChat, which would trigger the iBeacon to send a notification to the user. The notification was programmed to prompt users to subscribe to the client’s WeChat account.
Small and portable, the iBeacon solution is ideal for frequent offline events, regular international travel, with low requirements for maintenance and power following the initial set up.
Using the interactive WeChat Shake Function with a captive audience in a mass social setting is a highly effective tool to transform offline audiences into online followers. The small pocketable iBeacon used Bluetooth technology, making it easy to transport and a low energy user that required low maintenance after set up.

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