Chinese Consumer Research

Understanding consumers is always the starting point of a successful marketing campaign. We use both quantitative and qualitative methods to test Chinese consumer behaviour and attitude. Our research team has helped many clients identify their opportunities in the Chinese market, from a quick online survey to a large-scale consumer segmentation study. At THINK CHINA, we work closely with research institutes and specialise in conducting both quantitative and qualitative research on niche-market development, Chinese online consumer behaviour and product assessment. Our aim is to provide companies in the Asia Pacific region with a better understanding of your market, consumers and consumption patterns in China.
In-depth Consumer Research
THINK CHINA offers in-depth qualitative research services, including one-on-one interviews and focus group interviews. The purpose of an in-depth interview is to find “WHY,” the conflict and motivation behind consumer behaviour. Based on the client’s definition of a target audience, we help recruit, screen, and interview the right respondents to dig deeper and identify the motivation behind their behaviours.
Competitor Intelligence
THINK CHINA collects data on your competitors to give you a clearer insight into the methods and results of the industry’s key players. By understanding and analysing the competitive landscape, we are able to offer tailored solutions to your marketing challenges that will increase your brand presence in China’s digital environment. Our research service can help you resolve threats, identify opportunities, and establish winning strategies.
China Digital Audit
THINK CHINA applies the extensive expertise of our team to produce digital audits for your brand in the Chinese market. We understand that a solid online presence is an integral aspect of a successful brand in the Chinese market. We provide you with a better understanding of where your business stands in comparison to your competitors so you are able to visualise realistic future goals for your brand in the Chinese digital landscape.