Case Study

Growing the Chinese Online Community

Jun 04, 2021
“Chatbot-Like” Customer Service Function
Think China has developed a “Chatbot-Like” Customer Service function and a customised menu on the WeChat Official Account of YSL Beauty Hong Kong to shape user experience for better customer retention and keep our online community warm.
Users can send enquiries to the YSL Beauty Hong Kong WeChat, “Chatbot-Like” customer service answers customer enquiries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Created a segmented WeChat menu for Chinese tourists who have subscribed to the WeChat Official Account, based on the frequency of visiting Hong Kong.
Growing the Online Chinese Community
Timeless CS Response with the “Chatbot-Like” Auto-Reply
YSL BEAUTÉ Hong Kong WeChat Official Account receives a substantial amount of customer enquiry daily. To let customers get a preliminary response after the business hours, Think China has set up a sophisticated auto-reply logic on our proprietory system: WMP (WeChat Management Platform). Hence, customers get general feedback on the Official Account, and our CS can contact them the next business day.
The Client
YSL BEAUTÉ Hong Kong gives body and soul to a style. Completely liberated, it asserts itself as a collection of icons, with each creation driven by boldness, youth, and the avant-garde. While showcasing the spirit of the times for nearly 40 years, YSL BEAUTÉ continues its unbridled love affair with women to create, shape, and develop modernity. Its luxurious beauty collections span across fragrance, makeup, and skincare.
The Opportunity
Think China sees the advantage of new product launches in Hong Kong in advance of China and the large influx of Chinese tourists in recent years, we work with YSL BEAUTÉ Hong Kong to take the opportunity to target the Chinese tourist market precisely.
Our Approach
Whenever there is any new product launch, Think China works with YSL BEAUTÉ Hong Kong to create excitement among Chinese tourists and encourage purchase when they are in Hong Kong. All the articles published on WeChat will be pinned under the “Hong Kong Exclusive” tab on the menu so the followers can easily click for more product information like SKU specs, colour shades of makeup products, etc. The “Chatbot-Like” CS auto-reply is also set up on WMP for relevant topics. Keywords are suggested with proper responses, and followers on WeChat Official Account will mmediately receive a reply upon their enquiry. By doing so, we have successfully stimulated more customer interaction on the backend. This also facilitated the read and engagement rates of WeChat articles, keeping our online community warm and active.
Partnering with KOLs to announce new product launch and bring account subscriptions
Besides growing the WeChat online community, Think China has partnered with KOLs who constantly share beauty tips and visit Hong Kong on their social media channels for brand endorsement. We work with them during new product launches by sharing their product reviews on WeChat, Weibo, Red, etc., YSL BEAUTÉ Hong Kong gains exposure from new product launches. This effectively creates social buzz and motivates those who frequently come to Hong Kong to purchase new products. In the long run, we establish a close relationship with KOLs where we do free seedling from time to time. YSL BEAUTÉ Hong Kong provides them with new products to create content. In return, KOLs promote products for free to enhance product exposure and stimulate subscriptions, thus the brand can grow its community continuously.

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