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Direct to Consumer E-commerce Channel Setup In One-Click

Jun 04, 2021
Provide One-Stop Online Store Solution for Atelier Cologne Hong Kong
Think China developed a smart e-Commerce platform, namely UnifyXP, to provide a unified experience for users across Desktop H5, Mobile H5, WeChat Mini-Program, incorporating online payment, order fulfilment, warehouse, and inventory management. It serves brands that are keen to set up e-Commerce promptly.
Setup At Ease
End to End
Provides a seamless eCommerce solution to Atelier Cologne Hong Kong, across Desktop H5, Mobile H5, and WeChat Mini-Program, so the brand can cater to both Hong Kong locals and the extended locals.
CRM Integration
By integrating with the CRM system, UnifyXP sends online sales records to the brands via API. We provide live chat agent customer service, give consumers a more personalised online shopping experience.
Optimal User Experience Via Smart Retail Platform
All-in-one e-commerce solution to help brand set up an online store in just days.
Atelier Cologne Hong Kong wants to open an online store that provides a seamless experience to the Hong Kong market and further extends the local markets (Mainly Chinese who work or study in Hong Kong). Our smart retail platform, UnifyXP, offers a one-stop e-commerce solution to Atelier Cologne, including handling their product listing, online payment, order fulfilment, and their warehouse and inventory management.
The Client
Atelier Cologne was founded in 2009 by Sylvie Ganter & Christophe in France. They were searching for a Cologne with character, elegance and fresh at the same time with exceptional long-lasting power. They have managed to create a unique formula - an average oil concentration of 18%: Cologne Absolue, with its star ingredient, which shows on the perfume's name, an overdose of citruses to add freshness to brighten the formula, as well as a blend of high-quality raw materials to add unique character with long-lasting power.
The Opportunity
UnifyXP helps Atelier Cologne Hong Kong speak to local Hong Kong customers and extends the local markets: unified user experience across Desktop H5, Mobile H5 and WeChat Mini-Program. The e-commerce platform works well among devices to cater to a wide spectrum of users. It also incorporates product listing, payment, order fulfilment, and warehouse & inventory management so Atelier Cologne can run its online business instantaneously.
Our Approach
UnifyXP provides a seamless eCommerce solution to Atelier Cologne Hong Kong, across Desktop H5, Mobile H5, and WeChat Mini-Program, so the brand can cater to both Hong Kong local and the extended local markets. Think China works with Atelier Cologne Hong Kong on product listing and promotions for different periods to boost sales online. The brand share the product information with us, followed by creative content creation and finally set up inventory at the backend. We have a warehouse in Hong Kong to stock products for local (H.K and Macau) sales. UnifyXP provides order fulfilment and delivers parcels to Hong Kong and Macau addresses.
UnifyXP opens the door of e-commerce sales for Atelier Cologne Hong Kong, it further facilitates O2O integration and attracts traffic offline.
By integrating with the POS system, all online purchase records will be sent. The customers can collect CRM points from both online and offline shopping. This motivates customers to visit POS when they want to create membership accounts and redeem gifts upon reaching certain membership tiers. With bounce-back offers, the brand can further stimulate online traffic to the offline footprint. Customers are more likely to make a repeated purchase at POS.

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