Chinese Extended Local Research

Extended locals are not just Chinese migrants. It also includes many non-citizen Chinese residents and students who are out of the scope of official census data. THINK CHINA conducted deep-dive research and studies on extended local consumers across different APAC regions. Our insights on the extended local based on both numerous individual interviews and local market sales data.
Local Chinese Consumers
Local Chinese residents are the majority of Chinese consumers in all the countries in the APAC region. But they’re somewhat underrepresented in all kinds of official studies. THINK CHINA has a close connection with all the local Chinese communities and offer both in-depth qualitative interview and quantitative survey of the local Chinese residents to understand their lifestyle, consumer behaviour, and purchase habits. This will benefit brands to formulate a more targeted strategy when communicating with them.
Chinese International Students
There’re over half a million Chinese international students in the APAC region. Countries like Australia and Japan are among the top destinations for Chinese international students. And most of them are from wealthy middle-class families in China. They are both an important consumer group for the local market and an indispensable part of daigou group. THINK CHINA has a close relationship with various Chinese international student associations and can conduct research projects targeting the Chinese students to discover their consumer behaviour and insights to help brands design effective marketing campaigns targeting the campuses.