Digital Marketing

The challenge for most businesses in Australia, Hong Kong & Asia Pacific region is China’s distinctive digital landscape, unique language and consumer dynamic. The manner in which Chinese consumers utilise the web and interact with marketing content differs significantly from those consumers in Australia, Hong Kong & Asia Pacific region. Indeed, almost every online service from the western world is either unavailable or displaced by a domestic alternative. Therefore, your current online strategies often cannot be directly adapted to China. To help guide the way, THINK CHINA has established an experienced team of Chinese digital experts to focus your digital strategy on channels that will make the biggest difference to your business especially those in Australia, Hong Kong & Asia Pacific region. We can help you understand the Chinese digital landscape, create a great marketing strategy tailored to the Chinese market, and develop a prioritised approach to reach your targeted Chinese market.
Chinese Marketing Strategy
THINK CHINA offers a solution-driven marketing strategy based on brands’ real problems and challenges. Starting from understanding the target audiences, we identify a consumer journey across their online purchase stages and in different channels to design customised digital marketing activities. We also develop a whole-year marketing plan based on the client’s product launch plan and key marketing dates to cover all the key occasions across the entire year.
Chinese Media Buy
THINK CHINA’s in-house media team delivers a detailed media plan with specific ROI measurements based on the client’s budget. We work with all the Chinese digital media directly and offer media services covering both media planning and buying. Our media team also keeps tracking the media performance and optimising the plan according to the media results to ensure effective delivery of your marketing campaign.