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Hong Kong KOL Campaign Targeting China's GBA Tourists

Nov 03, 2023
Campaign at a Glance
Cartier, renowned for its impeccable craftsmanship and rich heritage dating back to 1847, offers a diverse selection of exquisite jewelry, watches, and accessories. Cartier Hong Kong proudly exhibit these iconic creations in their boutiques, but have experienced a decline in foot traffic due to high inflation and the lingering impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, a new golden opportunity arose in early 2023 when the China-Hong Kong border reopened. Recognizing this, we positioned Cartier HK as a frontrunner among luxury brands in capitalizing on the influx of cross-border tourists (CBTs) from the nearby Greater Bay Area, with the goal of attracting them to its new boutiques at K11 MUSEA and Lee Garden Three. We also leveraged the peak travel period of May Day Golden Week, the first one involving Hong Kong’s after a three-year COVID-induced hiatus. Here's a snapshot of our campaign achievements. Want a deeper dive? Read on to discover how we crafted and executed an online-to-offline (O2O) strategy for our esteemed client!
Posts Click-Through Rate (CTR)
Achieved a 2%+ CTR during the campaign period for all creative assets published/boosted on RED.
Foot Traffic at Cartier HK Boutiques
Drove a 300%+ increase in customer foot traffic to Cartier HK's LG3 and K11 MUSEA boutiques in Q2 2023 vs Q1 2023.
Luxury & Fashion Influencers
Powerful KOL Duo
We partnered with Vincci (桃子小姐) and Tina (丸子)—two HK-based KOLs in Hong Kong’s luxury and fashion industries. Both boast many followers on RED made up of mostly young and affluent individuals in the GBA—precisely the audience Cartier HK were targeting.
Strategy & Execution
To address Cartier HK’s challenge of engaging the GBA audience without encroaching on Cartier CN and Macau’s customer base, we collaborated with Tongcheng (同程), China’s top online travel booking and ticketing app with 500M+ users. Utilizing its user data and integration with RED (Xiaohongshu), we would target users planning trips to Hong Kong, then deliver paid ad posts (featuring our KOL creative assets) to entice this specific audience to shop at Cartier HK’s boutiques. STEP #1: KOL SOURCING Vincci and Tina were selected from a shortlist of five KOLs for the campaign. Based in Hong Kong with huge followings in the GBA, they were chosen for their alluring qualities, reputable backgrounds, and active involvement in Hong Kong’s luxury and fashion industries. That, along with their 5+ years of consistent engagement on RED, made them the perfect fit to showcase Cartier HK's boutique experience. STEP #2: CREATIVE PRODUCTION Our creative approach entailed two photoshoots, each producing 16 photos and a highlight video showcasing a Cartier boutique in a vlog-style format tailored to resonate with each KOL’s unique audience. To maximize engagement on RED, we understood the significance of crafting captivating ad copy alongside our video and photo assets. Through extensive research, we identified the most popular Cartier products among customers from Mainland China and seamlessly integrated these product mentions into our ad copies, creating compelling calls-to-action that enticed visits to Cartier's HK boutiques. The final step in the stage was publishing our posts on RED. STEP #3: MEDIA AMPLIFICATION (TONGCHENG & RED) Using Tongcheng's integration with RED, we targeted our posts to two groups of users interested in visiting Hong Kong: Pre-trip users based on recent booking behavior and mid-trip users based on location. Our targeting was further narrowed down to the 90 million registered users in Tongcheng’s platinum membership tier, who have higher average spending of ¥50,000+ per year on the app. To maximize our reach, we strategically boosted our posts during weekends, taking advantage of peak user activity. And by refining our targeting based on location, age, gender, and interests, we ensured that we reached the ideal audience at the right time. STEP #4: DRIVE FOOT TRAFFIC & SALES Upon stepping into the world of Cartier at its HK boutiques, interested customers could then indulge in immersive shopping. Whether they were looking to treat themselves or find the perfect gift for that special someone, Cartier’s range of products had them covered. But that’s not all—they could also take their pick from the finest selection of luxury products, including the opportunity to be among the first to try on Cartier’s latest CLASH collection.
Campaign Results
Our campaign yielded exceptional results and demonstrates how we effectively translated online customer engagement into foot traffic and tangible sales: • 2%+ click-through rate (CTR) for all creative assets published and boosted on RED during the campaign period. • 300%+ foot traffic to K11 MUSEA and LG3 boutiques in Q2 2023 vs Q1 2023. Both metrics are testaments to the effectiveness of our campaign, and we are thrilled to have witnessed our strategy unfold and deliver impressive outcomes.

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