eCommerce Analytics

Compared with Western web analytics tools especially used by companies in Australia, Hong Kong and Asia Pacific region, local Chinese web analytics solutions provide better access, stability and integration with their local digital environment, including search engines, social media, and traffic sources. For example, CNZZ and Baidu Tongji provide detailed segmentation of Chinese localities. You can choose to segment your visits by province or city and analyse visits from different regions within China. THINK CHINA offers an analytics service to track and analyse your eCommerce sales data. We adjust strategies to optimise customer journeys explicitly suited to the Chinese consumer while minimising drop-off, ultimately resulting in increased ROI in the Chinese market.
Chinese Web Analytics
We use a range of analytics tools designed explicitly for the Chinese market, including Baidu Analytics, Taobao Data, and Alibaba Index. Based on these data, we provide an in-depth analysis of category sales dynamics and trends, an accurate understanding of competitor pricing, examine customer price elasticity on Chinese eCommerce platforms. Our analytics report will identify the challenges and opportunities for your e-Commerce presence in China and offer an actionable optimising plan to help your e-Commerce business achieve greater success in China.
Web Opitmisation
THINK CHINA’s UnifyXP e-Commerce solution offers advanced tracking and analytics function. We can re-target potential customers visiting your UnifyXP e-boutique without purchasing and sending relevant ads and purchase reminders to increase the conversion rate. We use Google Analytics to do conversion tracking and provide daily sales reports based on the actual sales data to spot best-selling products and potential sales opportunities. From re-targeting and conversion tracking to the sales report, these analytics functions offer a complete optimisation process to keep your UnifyXP e-boutique deliver the best performance.