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Celebrating Family, Fun and Wellness

Jun 04, 2021
Australia Super Brand Events
THINK CHINA launched Centrum Kids Incremin Iron Mixture in Sydney with a public family event and a VIP experience. The launch aimed to enhance Centrum’s brand awareness among cross-border e-commerce (CBEC) traders, influencers and key opinion leaders (KOLs), daigou and gift store owners in the Australian export community.
Target Audience
Local Families
Over 1,000 Australian families experienced the Centrum Kids Playground in the heart of Sydney and discovered Centrum’s belief in growing children’s potential.
Key Partners
VIP Guests
Over 100 guests attended the Centrum VIP Event, including distributors, daigou, gift store owners, Australia-based media, and parenting influencer Xiaoxiaobaomama.
Impactful launch
Centrum partnered with CBEC platforms to drive sales and increase brand awareness.
Centrum invited over 1,000 Australian families to experience the Centrum Kids Playground and discover the brand’s belief in growing children’s potential. A VIP event connected the brand with the cross-border e-commerce (CBEC) daigou community to foster deeper relationships and opportunities for collaboration. The launch achieved a total of 1.63 million impressions over the campaign period.
The Client
As the world’s no.1 multivitamin brand1, Centrum reflects the pharmaceutical-grade product standards of GSK Group. Australia’s no.1 kid’s iron supplement, Centrum Kids Incremin Iron Mixture helps fill nutritional gaps and provide essential nutrients children need every day.
The Opportunity
Centrum intended to accelerate the growth and penetration of Increment Iron Mixture among Australian exporters, including key CBEC partners and independent daigous.
Our Approach
THINK CHINA launched the new product with a free public event for Australian families and a VIP experience for the corporate community. The Centrum Kids Playground was situated on 400m2 of outdoor space at the Overseas Passenger Terminal with 360-degree views of Sydney Harbour, including the Sydney Opera House and the city skyline. The playground area offered family-friendly activities that communicated the brand’s values of fostering children’s potential and the importance of a healthy diet. The playground consisted of three key sections: Iron Veg Market, Iron Challenge, and Iron Food. An activity invited children to make their own smoothie to learn about nutrition and healthy food choices. Families at the playground posted images of the playground and its activities to their social media using unique event hashtags.
A separate VIP event was held at the rooftop Cruise Bar, where guests enjoyed views of the iconic Sydney Harbour and Centrum Kids Playground.
More than 100 VIP guests attended the exclusive event, including the brand’s key partners, daigous and Taobao store owners, and Australia-based media. Chinese mummy blogger and KOL 小小宝麻麻 (Xiaoxiaobaomama), who has over 1 million followers across multiple social media platforms, also travelled to Sydney for the event. THINK CHINA delivered an exclusive marketing experience for Centrum and its key stakeholders. A selection of 20 Australia-based media and social media influencers promoted Centrum Kids Playground during and after the event, achieving over 1.63 million impressions in total.

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