Greater Bay Fulfilment Services

THINK CHINA developed the proprietary UnifyXP e-Commerce solution to offer a unified experience in Chinese social commerce. UnifyXP is a customised e-boutique that can be operated on all the major digital interfaces, including desktop, mobile Html-5, and mini-program within WeChat. This efficient eCommerce solution gives online consumers a seamless purchasing experience within the Chinese social eco-system. And it offers Chinese content and Chinese digital payment methods like Alipay and WeChat Pay, which is convenient for Chinese consumers living overseas. At the same time, it provide the every step of the shipping fulfillment process, from automatically processing orders from the online ecommerce channels to shipping orders from our fulfillment centers and managing customer returns.
Our Fulfilment Centres
THINK CHINA helps clients in Hong Kong and Australia manage product stock, pick and pack products according to online orders and work with professional courier companies to deliver orders to customers’ residential addresses. Our Hong Kong warehouse and fulfilment centre is ideally equipped to support your operations from China to all international locations. It specialises in cross-docking for B2B and B2C and primarily handles fashion, health food and beauty products.
Order and delivery Service
THINK CHINA helps clients in Australia and Hong Kong connect with professional logistic and courier companies to deliver parcels to mainland China. Our fulfilment capacity across APAC we can help you fulfil orders wherever it makes sense for your business. We ensure a smooth and seamless transition of products from the client’s warehouse to the courier company and track the packages along the journey to consumers’ homes in China.