UnifyXP eCommerce Solution

THINK CHINA developed the proprietary UnifyXP e-Commerce solution to offer a unified experience in Chinese social commerce. UnifyXP is a customised e-boutique that can be operated on all the major digital interfaces, including desktop, mobile Html-5, and mini-program within WeChat. This efficient e-Commerce solution gives online consumers a seamless purchasing experience within the Chinese social eco-system. And it offers Chinese content and Chinese digital payment methods like Alipay and WeChat Pay, which are convenient for Chinese consumers living overseas.
D2C e-boutique
UnifyXP is an easy solution for global brands with a Chinese e-Commerce presence but still wants to drive more sales among Chinese consumers. THINK CHINA can design a customised e-boutique for brands and operate it on desktop, Mobile H5, and mini-programs within the Brand’s WeChat Official Account.
End-to-End Solution
UnifyXP, on the other hand, delivers a smooth and convenient purchasing experience to Chinese customers. The customers can seamlessly go from browsing a brand’s social media post to its social e-boutique to shop instantly. UnifyXP as a mini-program embedded within a WeChat account is an efficient way to shorten the consumer journey from interest to purchase.