Case Study

Curating Financial Literacy for the Chinese Community

Jun 04, 2021
Provide Financial and Banking Related Support to the Chinese Community in Their Native Language
Think China helps Westpac create and maintain a WeChat Account to provide financial literacy and services to the Chinese-speaking community. This platform serves three primary purposes: 1) Help new migrants to settle in Australia 2) Support Chinese international students to integrate into the community 3) A gateway for migrants to assimilate into the mainstream community
Strong retention of existing consumer with relevant content and maintain steady follower growth
+18% Read rate
In-depth reports and analyses on the property market, home loans, financial reports, and festival campaigns receive high read rates.
Help and support in “Life Moments”
Creditable information in Chinese
Language should not be a barrier for Chinese migrants to access financial news and content. Banking and related support are crucial for Chinese migrants and international students. They need a trustworthy medium to make a seamless transition into Australia. As a platform, we constantly provide useful financial insights for our Chinese customers and equip them with ample information to make fair judgments.
Westpac – Help Is Who We Are
Westpac is one of the very first company in Australia established in 1817, delivering exceptional service with the purpose to help Australians Succeed. As a country that values multiculturalism and celebrates diversity, Westpac acknowledges the fact that migrants are making significant contributions to our economy, bringing-in new knowledge and capital. And therefore, would require world-class banking service in their preferred language to help them thrive in Australia.
Our Approach
Embracing our client's core values and beliefs, Think China is devoted to creating relevant financial content to support the Chinese community in Australia. Leveraging WeChat as a platform to deliver financial news and market trends in the Chinese language. Dedicated to delivering high-standard content, we guarantee an accurate and precise translation from Westpac's original materials. We serve our Chinese community by being credible sources of financial literacy; most importantly, the contents are delivered in the readers' native language. Our WeChat account is a gateway for Chinese customers to access different banking services to meet their needs throughout different life stages. Chinese customers can send through banking-related enquiries, and the customer service team will provide prompt assistance during working hours. They can also find their nearest local branch using our real-time search function. Chinese-speaking bankers will greet the customers and provide professional financial services. Helping migrants navigate through different life stages and provide reliable sources of financial information are the foremost purposes of our platform.
Help When Matters
By maintaining this WeChat platform for our client, Think China successfully transform Westpac’s belief into action. Giving support to Chinese migrants whenever possible. For international students who just arrived in Australia, we engage them through Chinese festival campaigns, we want them to feel at home while aboard. We also provide useful everyday banking tips to facilitate a smooth transition. For new migrants, we aim to help them integrate into the local society by offering practical banking knowledge in Chinese. For migrants who are more established in Australia, we constanlty provide them with financial reports, market trends, and insights to support them through crucial decision-making in life. We understand that migrants might seek home loans for their properties or explore investment tools to build their wealth. No matter the circumstances, Westpac is always here to help. The WeChat account managed by Think China helps migrants to excel in Australia.

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