Case Study

Website Management & ICP Recordal

Jun 04, 2021
Chinese Website and ICP Maintenance
Think China maintained the BESydney Chinese website and integrated it with the organisation’s Chinese social media accounts. Think China managed and maintained the website’s ICP Recordal.
Integration with Social Channels
The Chinese website was integrated with the organisation’s Chinese social media for a comprehensive user experience.
ICP Recordal
Centralised Customer Service
Think China managed the procurement and maintenance of the BESydney website ICP Recordal.
A website customised for Chinese audiences
Maintaining a ‘Chinese-friendly’ website
Think China maintained the client’s website and its content, ensuring its language, tone, design, layout, and accessibility are customised for audiences in China.
The Client
Backed by government, industry, and academia, BESydney wins global meetings for Australia – where this remarkable city and its people provide the environment needed to generate genuine progress. Financially supported and backed by the New South Wales State Government, BESydney is a not-for-profit company with a focus on value creation.
The Opportunity
BESydney required the website to be accessible for mainland Chinese users, tailored to the needs and expectations of Chinese audiences while still maintaining consistency with the organisation’s overall branding.
Our Approach
Think China managed the ICP Recordal process and its maintenance to make sure the website can operate legally in China. Due to China’s Great Firewall, Think China provided the client with a hosting solution to warrant access for mainland Chinese users and load the website quickly.
BESydney provided customised content ideas for Chinese audiences, then Think China completed the translation and copywriting. The mobile responsive website's design, navigation, and development were customised to meet Chinese audiences' needs and optimised to ensure the website did not include features that the Great Firewall would inhibit. The website was also integrated with the client's Chinese social media platforms, WeChat, Weibo, and Youku.

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