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WeChat Subscriber Growth Campaign and Digital Voucher Centre

Jun 04, 2021
WeChat subscriber growth and WeChat Mini Program set up
Think China’s campaign utilised a WeChat Mini Program to increase Priceline’s WeChat subscribers and push foot traffic to participating stores. New subscribers were rewarded with a voucher that was managed within a WeChat Mini Program Voucher Centre and redeemed instore.
Increased WeChat Subscribers
Promotion of a gift for new followers increased the brand’s WeChat subscriber base, with vouchers automatically available upon subscribing to the account.
Comprehensive Data
A WeChat Mini Program with passcode system enabled comprehensive data collection at each step of the voucher redemption process.
WeChat Subscriber Growth
Increase in WeChat Subscribers using a WeChat Mini Program Voucher Centre
The Priceline WeChat Account increased its number of WeChat followers by incentivising subscription with a voucher in its newly launched Voucher Centre Mini Program. The Mini Program provided comprehensive data at every step of the user journey.
The Client
Priceline is an Australian beauty, health and wellbeing retailer that’s committed to helping women look good, live well and feel great. Priceline’s more than 400 stores in Australia provide beauty trends and specialist advice at affordable prices.
The Brief
Priceline wanted to grow their WeChat subscriber base with a Chinese New Year themed campaign. The client also required the campaign to encourage foot traffic to its stores.
Our Approach
Users who subscribed to the Priceline WeChat account during the campaign period were automatically provided access to a digital voucher. Upon collection of the digital voucher, the voucher was stored within the brand’s WeChat Mini Program Voucher Centre until the user was ready to redeem instore. The WeChat Mini Program Voucher Centre was bilingual to cater to Chinese speaking customers and English-speaking staff.
A digital voucher for new WeChat followers was used to incentivise WeChat subscription, with a Mini Program Voucher Centre ensuring comprehensive data collection at each step of the user journey.
When in store, users opened the Mini Program Voucher Centre with Priceline staff entering a passcode to confirm the redemption and enable tracking. Vouchers were single use only and comprehensive data on redemption activity was captured. The digital voucher campaign was advertised on channels including WeChat Moments Feed Advertising, WeChat Media, WeChat Moments Sharing and WeChat Group Sharing. Copy and design was youthful to appeal to the brand’s target demographic, while also incorporating a festive Chinese New Year theme.

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