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Rejuvenate Brand Appearance For The Chinese Market

Jun 04, 2021
Uphold Natural Heritage with a Personal Touch
China is a booming market for skincare products filled with opportunities and sales potential. It would be essential for international brands to comprehensively understand the Chinese culture, social and commercial environment, and eco-system to successfully grow its root and prosper in China. Jurlique recognises the opportunities and appointed Think China to develop tailor-made marketing material for Chinese consumers. And Think China celebrates the brand’s natural Australian Farm heritage while giving it a personal touch. We transformed Jurlique’s CN regional account from an unrefined stage to an advanced stage.
179% increment
Followers constantly revisit the brand's WeChat Account, click on the Menu Bar to learn the latest offerings, retrieve membership information, and locate the nearest store for a brick-and-mortar shopping experience.
+10% Engagement rate
The engagement rate remains steady despite the fact that the follower base is growing larger. Both new and existing followers genuinely enjoy the weekly giveaways, and the latest content approach is appealing to our target market.
Transform brand communication to loyalty and convert brand love to sales
Convert Loyalty to Sales.
China's FMCG market is very fast-paced. Brands must be innovative in their content creation to stay ahead of the game and compete in the market. Encourage the consumers to embrace Jurlique's brand belief, convert consumer affiliation to brand love, and channel that sentiment to the sales funnel are the objectives for the Think China team, bringing the brand's WeChat Account to a whole new level.
From Content Hub to Multi-faceted Service Platform
Jurlique is a brand that originated in Australia, celebrating authenticity and upholds its natural heritage rooted in the South Adelaide farm. This philosophy surrounds most creative content and visual approaches with real-life and scenery as the primary focus. When trying to convey brand messages to the Chinese audience, this is not easily digestible or relatable. It is necessary to create linkage of the brand with Chinese consumers before they make decisions to purchase.
Social and Personal Touch for Creative Framework
So how do we build the affiliation with this target segment? Think China decided to take on this challenge and gave a slight twist on the creative approach. Being mindful not to divert from the brand's core values, we elevate its authenticity by creating linkage to the audience using a more approachable method. We created product and ingredient stories using infographics, blending natural ingredients with illustration and animated graphics to mimic the Australian Farm setting are just a few examples. Audiences can interact with the brand through our engaging content, and assured we have added in localised content to increase the relevance further. We successfully injected a vibrant, fun, and energetic character into this Australian brand. Jurlique has never been so close to its Chinese consumers until Think China brought forward the social element from the brand. Changing the creative approach for Jurlique's communication is only part of the strategy. The additional layer to its transformation is centralising the available services, using WeChat as a hub for consumers to access the latest offers, exclusive promotions, mobile commerce, and member loyalty program, to be precise: A comprehensive service tool.
A Multi-Faceted Service Platform.
It is vital to centralise all the available services in the brand's WeChat hub to enhance the sales potential. It acts as a gateway for consumers to learn about the latest offers and provide an easily accessible purchase window for mobile users. Hence, we developed a mini-program for Jurlique featuring the most popular products and bundle packs with discounts for Chinese consumers. Consumers are just a few clicks away from their favourite skincare products. Orders will be delivered directly to their address in the next couple of days. The data collected from mobile commerce will be analysed and used for Jurlique's loyalty program. Members can enjoy even more benefits from future purchases. New consumers who would like to know more about the brand and its offerings can click through to the mobile responsive website from the WeChat menu and learn about product formulas and ingredient stories. There is also a strong call-to-action button to encourage trial before purchase to recruit new customers. Here, the store locator function comes into play where potential customers can identify and locate the nearest Jurlique store in their local area if they prefer going into the stores for a face-to-face retail experience.

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