Case Study

Greater Bay Area (GBA) Targeting for Extended Locals with Mega Promotion

Jun 04, 2021
Full-Rounded Strategy Targeting Locals and Extended-Locals
Think China provided two strategic campaign plans for Giorgio Armani Beauty Hong Kong. One strategic plan for Product Repush in Apr 2019, then seamlessly followed by another campaign for Mega Promotion, SOGO Thankful Week (SOGO TFW) in May 2019.
Thankful Week
Riding on Key Moments
The Easter holiday (for HK locals), the May Golden Week holiday (peak tourist season in HK), and the whole SOGO TFW promotion period (famous for both locals and tourists)
WeChat Followers Growth
9.24% CRM bounded members increased on WeChat, and 60.4% of followers increased during the two-month campaign period, which showed a strong interest of extended locals from GBA.
Voucher Incentives Drive Foot-traffic to POS
Diverse Campaign Channels to Reach Target Audiences
Besides the CRM Binding function, Think China also developed a Voucher Centre for GAB HK WeChat account, which evidently supported both campaigns. There were two exclusive vouchers for WeChat followers. In most campaign channels, this message was communicated to encourage WeChat subscription and drive foot traffic to POS for Online-to-Offline conversion. An average voucher redemption rate of 39.14% was achieved, and 10,170+ vouchers were collected.
Background Information
GAB is a popular beauty brand. Early launches of the new products/price gap in HK have attracted many tourists to purchase in HK. Consequently brands need to keep growing their WeChat fan base and create buzz to reach potential consumers, especially during the super-busy SOGO TFW period.
The Opportunity
Power Fabric is a well-known hero product franchise of GAB. The new products launched in HK ahead of the mainland of China. It raised an opportunity for HK to highlight its primal position in product trials and purchases.
Our Approach
While the previous campaign focused mainly on HK locals, Think China saw great potential in the extended local community in GBA. We want to take the opportunity to expand the audience pool and attract more potential customers. In the two campaigns, geo-targeting channels mainly focused on the GBA area and HK border. They targeted the extended local community who want to visit HK or tourists crossing the border to HK. Voucher support also enhanced the audiences’ active response to campaign media and attracted followers to visit POS to redeem vouchers, helped with O2O conversion.
The seamless-connected campaigns contributed to the consistent growth of GAB Hong Kong WeChat. They built a solid foundation for future communications.
Think China’s support has enabled GAB HK to expand its engagement methods with audiences and enhance its connections with HK locals and outbound tourists from mainland China. Diverse campaign channels helped increase the brand awareness and exposure, drive foot traffic to POS, increase consumers’ interest and purchase intentions. It further promoted sales, retained potential customers and loyal members on WeChat. Beyond the campaigns, Think China supports GAB HK to ensure 2-way communication with the audience and WeChat community maintenance for digital engagement and consumer expectations.

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