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KOL Engagement To Drive Foot Traffic to Store

Jun 04, 2021
How KOL Brings Store Footfall And Sales?
Cartier Hong Kong would like to work with KOLs to visit their stores and promote the brand on their social media channels. Think China suggests suitable KOLs who fit with Cartier's image, invite them to visit stores, share experiences through different formats on social platforms, bring traffic and sales to offline stores.
The Right KOL
Think China screened a list of KOLs based on their social persona, content quality, and fans engagement, and interviewed KOLs before shortlisting for brand approval.
The Right Tactic
Product highlight, promotion format, and channel should always align with KOL characters and their interactions with fans on different media platforms.
From KOLs to Sales
The Perfect Matrix: Who, What, When, Where & How?
As a luxury watch and jewelry brand, Cartier Hong Kong has a high standard of KOL requirements. We choose KOLs based on their image, content shared on social media, and fans engagement. By selecting the right KOLs, Think China understands how they construct highly engaging content. When to blast, and how to interact with fans to get the most promising results.
The Client
Cartier is a renowned French watch and jewelry maker since 1847, possessing unique collections of fine jewelry, watches, bridal sets, accessories, and fragrances. It stands as one of the world’s most esteemed and respectful companies in the luxury goods industry.
The Opportunity
Cartier Hong Kong sees the large influx of Chinese tourists in key festive seasons in Hong Kong, e.g., Summer, Golden Week, etc., as a short getaway. Think China intended to seize this opportunity to help the brand tap into Chinese tourists with specific product highlights during certain campaign periods. KOL endorsement is one of the most powerful marketing tools to bridge the brand to the Chinese audience and stimulate their purchase desire when they arrive in Hong Kong.
Our Approach
Think China screens a list of KOLs based on their social persona, content quality, and fans engagement. From there, we shortlist a handful of KOLs and do video interviews together to ensure their tone and manner aligning with the brand image and positioning. Upon confirming KOLs, we thoroughly discuss content format, whether it should be live streamlining, video/photo review upon store visit, and also the timing and media platform to publish the content, etc., to achieve optimal results. Think China also works with Cartier Hong Kong on product and store highlights. Each KOL will only visit 1 POS with several products to feature in each post. With such planning, we help the brand cover all flagship stores and hero products without overloading each piece of content.
Converting Online Traffic To Store Footprint
For each KOL, Think China will generate a unique QR code/barcode/promo code from our proprietary tracking system so the brand can evaluate how many visitors, and sales each KOL generates for the store. In addition, the brand can offer special discounts or gifts to each KOL. When visitors show KOL QR code/barcode/promo code, they can enjoy this shopping privilege to stimulate their followers' intention to visit stores. Other paid media with precise targeting like location-based are being rolled out simultaneously to maximise brand and product exposure to invite visitors near the stores to come.

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